Simplicity through Easytork's Springless-Return Actuator.

We manufacture patented quarter-turn pneumatic actuators and associated products.

At the heart of our design is the patented actuator body with an integral air reservoir, which eliminates the need for springs and exponentially increases the efficiency and reliability of our actuator.

End User Solutions

We offer a pneumatic actuator with one of the highest life cycles, the most compact, and lowest lifetime cost.

Valve Automation Provider Solutions

We improve your valve automation by simplifying inventory & day-to-day operation, decreasing turnaround time, and offering new solutions otherwise unavailable.

About Easytork Automation Corporation

Easytork Automation Corporation’s business principle is to provide clients the easiest actuator experience through Easytork's innovative and high-quality products and services. Easytork is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Easytork is the 2013 Emerson Arch Grant recipient.

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