Actuator Uses


Easytork's innovative and solutions-oriented vane-style pneumatic valve actuators are installed in a large variety of end markets and help leading organizations optimize their processes to generate significant efficiencies and savings. Our global users have installed our actuators in a variety of unique and challenging applications. If you have a process actuation problem, please contact us to see how we can help.

Our Actuator Uses

Aerospace & Defense

Easytork actuators are installed in various aerospace applications where many factors are critical: space savings, quality and dependability, precision control.

Select Actuator Uses:
Fuel feed for rockets
Deluge valve actuators
Portable launch fuel and water control valves
Fast acting control for aerospace engine systems


Chemical plants often have to manage fail-safe with subpar instrument air for their valve actuation. Subpar instrument air notwithstanding, users do not sacrifice either durability or price when Easytork actuators are installed.

Select Applications:
Filling and feed valves
Transfer valves
Mixed liquor valves
Waste valves on batch mixing tanks


Dampers control and regulate air flow into furnace and Easytork actuators are particularly useful in damper applications due to our durability, accuracy, and no drift.

Select Applications:
Flue gas dampers
Furnace fuel feed
Radial vane air control dampers


Pneumatic actuation is dominant in oil & gas applications due to the flexibility of natural gas as the power source. Control valves and fail-safe actuation are critical throughout all value chains: upstream, midstream, downstream. Easytork's control valve accuracy and fail-safe efficiencies are major considerations in a myriad of energy applications. As oil majors pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by the next few decades, their valve actuation guidelines will undergo a massive shift. Easytork's zero bleed actuators are well-positioned for these requirements.

Separately, Easytork actuators are prevalently used in ethanol and biofuels applications, due to our precise control and reliability.

Select Actuator Uses :
Natural gas control valves
Natural gas controlled dump valves
Isolation ball valves for skid mounted compressor stations

Food Processing

From grains to vegetables to lipids, food processing organizations' facility processes require stringent control and oversight of raw materials. Easytork actuators have been the reliable and efficient go-to for pneumatic actuation for food processing organizations from standard double-acting actuation to precise throttling.

Select Actuator Uses :
Enzymatic interesterification (EIE)
Sorting, diverting, conveying
Filter systems

General Industrial

Easytork actuator uses cover a wide variety of industrial applications, from CBD oil manufacturing to extreme high cycle for diversified industrial manufacturing to fast-acting gun range targets.

Select Applications:
Skid manufacturing
Extreme high cycle


Space, air efficiency, and environment air in mines are often non-existent for pneumatic actuators used in valve automation. Easytork actuators have thrived under these conditions.

Select Applications:
Underground pneumatic actuation
Rugged control valves

Power Generation

Power plants and utilities have a diverse set of actuation requirements and oftentimes, also have to manage poor atmospheric air. Easytork actuators have been able to streamline actuation for various power plants due to our multiple functions and ability to eliminate springs.

Select Applications:
Steam turbine control
Boiler and water feed

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & paper mills are highly demanding environments that require precise management of raw materials and by-products throughout the multiple stages of their processing. Easytork actuators have thrived in demanding mill environments as they do not vacuum in atmospheric air. Modulating applications at pulp and paper mills require precise modulation of valves to control water and raw materials. Easytork's precise optimization of the mills' processes allow organizations to maximize their profits.

Select Applications:
Dewatering valves

Water Sytems / Municipal

Municipalities commonly use our actuators for both pneumatic and water hydraulic service. Easytork is an American Water Works Association (AWWA) C541 complaint actuator manufacturer. Water treatment systems organizations select Easytork actuators due to our flexibility and efficiencies, especially when they develop complete water systems for users globally.

Select Applications:
Digester gas valves
Filter control, aeration control, odor control
High service pump control
Flocculate waste drain valves

Our customers comprise of organizations from a broader set of end markets. Some of our select customers include:

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