Easytork Pilot Valve (EPV)

Easytork Pilot Valve (EPV)

Even with a third party solenoid valve, users can convert EVA double-acting actuator to fail-safe through Easytork's patented air pilot valve.

Even with minimal maintenance, our solenoid valves continue to work in harsh environments where other solenoid valves fail. Environment air never enters the solenoid valve, our valves are designed to outlast the competition.

Remote Mount / Nipple Mounting:
Any 3rd party 3/2 solenoid valve can be used to make EVA fail-safe. 3rd party solenoid valve can be installed remotely or nipple mounted to the EPV.

EPV Demonstration:

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Technical Data

EPV Technical Data

Installation and Operation Manual



EPV Demonstration:

EPV Installation:

Remote Mount:

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