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EVA Torque Chart

ECA Torque Chart

ECA Series Videos

Easytork Control Actuator Summary:

Easytork Control Actuator Overview:

EVA Series Videos

ESV Demonstration:

EPV Demonstration:

Lockout and Partial Stroke Test:

Customer Testimonial - One Actuator to Multiple Valves Demonstration:

One Moving Part:

No Environment Ever Gets Vacuumed into Easytork:

Mount to Most Valves:

Remote Mount:

Instructional Videos

Basic Overview Part 1 - mounting, installation, solenoid valve functions:

Basic Overview Part 2 - basic demo/functions with our solenoid valve:

Basic Overview Part 3 - pilot valve demo, actuator design overview/advantages:

Altering Degree of Rotation:

ESV Installation:

EPV Installation:

Actuator to Valve Adaptation:

Function Changes in One Unit:

Comprehensive NTV Installation Procedures (VIDEO):

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