Easytork Solenoid Valve (ESV)

Easytork Solenoid Valve (ESV)

Patented solenoid valve covers a full range of applications including NEMA 4, Ex-Proof, ATEX EX, I-Safe, Low-Temp, and Low Power. From 24VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC.

Easytork recommends the Easytork Solenoid Valve (“ESV”) for interface with the EVA. The ESV directly controls the actuator to be either double-acting or fail-safe (fail-close or fail-open) without needing external piping.

Full Range
NEMA 4, Ex-Proof, ATEX EX, I-Safe, Low-Temp, and Low Power from 24VDC, 120 VAC and 240 VAC

Products Certified To:
Factory Mutual - Explosion Proof Environments
ATEX - Explosion Proof Environments
CE - EMF and Low Voltage Directives

Even with minimal maintenance, our solenoid valves continue to work in harsh environments where other solenoid valves fail. Environment air never enters the solenoid valve, our valves are designed to outlast the competition.

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ESV Demonstration:

ESV Installation:

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