Easytork Mounting Hardware

Easytork Mounting Hardware

Easytork mounting hardware on the EVA will not cause stem side loading and protects actuator valve stem from leakage.

Dimensions of all items below provided in brochure/technical documents.

Drive Inserts
Easytork EVA Series Actuators are installed with removable inserts to accommodate different valve stem profiles.

ISO Mounting Brackets
ISO mounting brackets are available in a wide variety of height and mounting patterns. Stainless steel material.

EVAs are installed with removable shafts to accommodate different valve automation needs.

Spacer Plates
Direct mount EVA to any major butterfly valve brand from 1” to 16".

NAMUR Mounting Brackets for Limit Switchs, Positioners, other Ancilliaries
NAMUR mounting brackets (limit switch brackets or positioner brackets) in a variety of sizes and patterns.


Easytork Actuator to Valve Adaptation:

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