Easytork Vane Actuator (EVA)

Easytork Vane Actuator (EVA Series) Product Line

Our patented vane actuator design is a proven industry leader in valve actuators.

Key features of the Easytork quarter turn 90-degree pneumatic rotary vane type style valve actuators

+ Patented spring-less design directly replaces spring return actuators for fail safe
+ Eight models with torque of up to 49,000 in-lb at 80 psi
+ Each model can be used for open close or modulating: double-acting, fail-safe, fail position (open or close)
+ Temperature range of -40 degrees F to 248 degrees F (-40 degrees C to 120 degrees C)
+ American Water Works Association (AWWA) C541 Compliant
+ 2 year / 2 million cycle warranty

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EVA Model Double Acting Torque
@ 80 psi (in-lb)
Fail Safe Torque
@ 80 psi (in-lb)
Flange Patterns
(ISO 5211 and Non-ISO)
Standard Drive Insert VDI / VDE 3845 NAMUR
EVA-0309 195 127 F03, F04, F05 9mm (0.35") Square
EVA-0411 384 250 F03, F04, F05, F07 11mm (0.43") Square
EVA-0514 763 496 F04, F05, F07, 3.25" 14mm (0.67") Square
EVA-0717 1,526 992 F05, F07, F10, 3.25" 17mm (0.67") Square
EVA-1022 3,051 1,983 F07, F10, F12, 3.25", 5.00" 22mm (0.87") Square
EVA-1227 6,103 3,967 F10, F12, F16, 3.25", 5.00" 27mm (1.06") Square
EVA-1436 12,205 7,933 F12, F16, 5.00" 36mm (1.42") Square
EVA-1646 24,411 15,867 F16, F25 Blank Provided
EVA-1646 Tandem 48,822 31,734 F16, F25 Blank Provided

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