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March 2020: Easytork COVID-19 response

January 2020: The IC Series (for square, DD, or bore & key valve stems) for the Easytork Control Actuator ("ECA") product line is now avaiable. Refer to ECA-IC Series catalogue. ECA information

November 2019: Signicant innnovation in control valves market as the Easytork Control Actuator ("ECA") product line launches as the most accurate and efficient actuator for rotary control valves. The ECA is a breakthrough technology for the rotary control valve market. The ECA addresses all the common complaints associated with spring and diaphragms, while sacrificing none of the former’s advantages. For the full list of features and benefits, refer to ECA F Series (for valves with splined shafts) catalogue. ECA information

January 2019: EVA-1646 model now available as Easytork continues to expand its product and size offerings. More information

September 2018: New innovation on Easytork's modulating fail-safe pilot product. A pressure switch is no longer required. Easytork Namur Trip Valve (previously known as the Easytork Rotary Positioner Valve

January 2018: Easytork hosts select distribution partners for our national training program. Thank you to our partners for attending.

December 2017: Easytork is featured in Valve World Magazine. Easy control valve solutions: process control optimization through fail-safe vane actuators

November 2017: Easytork is featured in Asia Miner. Easytork's Better Emergency Shutdown Actuator

September 2017: Easytork is featured in Engineering & Mining Journal. Small But Mighty: Pneumatic Actuator Sizing and Selection Simplified

August 2017: Easytork is featured in Mining Magazine. A pneumatic actuator that finally solves the instrument air and actuation challenges in the mining industry.

May 2017: Easytork will be exhibiting at Valve World Americas in Houston, Texas on June 20 and June 21 2017. Our booth will be located at Booth 23 (first row, right corner). Official Valve World Americas Website.

April 2017: Easytork Wins New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan. More Information

April 2017: Easytork is featured in Russian Valve Industry Magazine. Link to PDF

January 2017: Easytork is featured in Industrial Maintenance/Plant Operation Magazine's January/February 2017 issue. "New Generation Actuators Look To Go Pneumatic Without Springs"

"The introduction of the pneumatic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs, external reservoirs and an emergency backup operating medium has significantly changed the pneumatic fail-safe industry. This technology is in line with the global trend towards advancement in durability, safety, efficiency and cost of pneumatic actuators."

December 2016: Easytork is the cover story for Valve World Magazine's December 2016 issue. "Pneumatic fail-safe actuator without the use of springs: A new generation of actuation"

"New generation actuators need a cost effective and space conservative design to supply enough pressurized operating medium to perform the fail-safe action, without the use of springs or external reservoirs. The ultimate design would be to integrate the reservoir into the pneumatic actuator housing to provide the necessary stored energy."