Easytork Namur Trip Valve (NTV)

Easytork Namur Trip Valve (NTV)

Engineered for actuators with on-board reservoirs

ECAs and EVAs will work with any positioner in the market. Regardless of double-acting or fail-safe setup, user must use a double-acting positioner. Installing or not installing Easytork’s NAMUR Trip Valve (“NTV”) with a double-acting positioner determines what function (fail-safe, in CW or CCW, or double-acting) the actuator has. Any 4-20ma or 3-15 psi positioner in the market works with the system. NTV removes integration complexity between actuator, positioner and air reservoir. In most instances, set-up is significantly easier and more economical than spring-return actuators. With Easytork’s built-in air reservoirs, system integrator only needs to connect signal source to positioner and supply air to Easytork’s system.

Fail-Safe: Installing an NTV on an Easytork actuator allows the actuator to fail-safe.

Fail clockwise or fail counter-clockwise: With loss of air, if the NTV is installed pointing up would cause the actuator to fail clockwise, or if the NTV is installed pointing down would cause the actuator to fail counter clockwise.

Installation and Operation Manual

Easytork NAMUR Trip Valve (NTV) IOM

Easytork NAMUR Trip Valve (NTV) to Model 1646 - Externally Ported Supplement IOM

Installation Procedures

Comprehensive Installation Procedures (VIDEO):


Easytork Control Actuator Overview (with NTV information):

Comprehensive Installation Procedures (VIDEO):

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